Films directed by Adam Ciolfi

The Lady of Names 2011 (80 min.)
Best Animated Feature
2011 Toronto Independent Film Festival (Toronto, Ontario)
2011 Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
2011 Eugene International Film Festival (Eugene, Oregon)
2012 Garden State Film Festival (Asbury Park, New Jersey)
2012 California International Animation Festival (Modesto, California)
2012 Mississauga Independent Film Festival (Mississauga, Ontario)
2012 Great Lakes International Film Festival (Erie, Pennsylvania)
2012 Hamilton Film Festival (Hamilton, Ontario)

Special Jury Prize
2012 Canada International Film Festival (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Foresight 1996 (23 min.) Live Action

Close Up 1994 (23 min.) Live Action
CBC Television

Attic-In-The-Blue 1992 ( 27 min.)
Best Animated Film
1992 Chicago International Children's Film Festival (Kids Jury)
1992 Chicago International Children's Film Festival (Adult Jury)
1992 New Orleans International Film Festival
Silver Award
1992 Philadelphia International Film Festival: Philafilm
BRAVO Television Canada

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