Sunday 17 November 2013


The final Isaac puppet on set. You can view additional
stills in the PRODUCTION folder.
I had planned to begin animating this past week but decided to put it off just a little longer. There were still too many little things left to do, the most important being the preparation of the final Isaac puppet. Although he was committed to foam on September 26/13, I only now have gotten around to painting him. Because he plays such an important part in the film, I thought it prudent to finish him and test his appearance on set before I started committing frames. The test paint proved as beneficial as I hoped and I was able to complete the paint job in about 6 hours. In the end I was very happy with how he photographed. The Clarke and Dead Thing puppets still need to be painted but it will be several weeks before either of them is needed and I am confident that they will also photograph well. I also prepped all the audio for loading into Dragonframe, timed out each individual shot so I won't over animate as I have a tendency to do, added some final touches to the set, glued everything down and added two additional lights. It wasn't a lot of work but it was all necessary. I now feel I am ready to shoot.

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