Friday 20 September 2013


For the third attempt I went back to my original idea of a more flesh toned appearance. I resisted the urge to use dark browns and instead used blues and yellows for a more bruised appearance. While the look is still a little dark I am pleased with this incarnation. Under dramatic lighting the colour palette appears even darker than under neutral lighting so for the final model I will make sure to stay away from too much bruising. You can see the progression from start to finish by clicking the PREPRODUCTION tab. With this puppet's appearance finally settled on, I can now turn my attention to set construction. I like to have the appearance of my puppets clearly defined before I start physically building the sets. This allows me to chose complimentary shades for the set that will help the two feel part of the world I am trying to create. In the coming weeks I will be committing all the puppets to foam rubber which will bring me very close to the start of animation. 

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