Sunday 27 October 2013


Sometimes it feels like I'll never start shooting. A lot of work goes into the making of a stop motion film and if you're anything like me, the devil is in the details. The first set continues to evolve and is nearing completion but as is often the case, just as I finish adding one thing, another idea springs to mind and I feel the need to act on it. 

This can lead to weeks going by and the feeling that I am not making any progress. At some point you have to stop yourself and say … good enough, it's ready, time to commit. I've started playing with the lighting, which is a sure sign that I am very near that point. 
In the past I have strived for a very natural, motivated lighting scheme but with Broken I am breaking with that philosophy. Lots of colour, lots of contrast. A very graphic, almost comic book like colour palette with no concern for light source motivation. This has lead to some very nice test shots which I believe are a solid foundation to build on.

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