Saturday 1 March 2014


The oversized Leith sits next to the hero puppet.
The close up version of Leith's neck is completed and ready to animate. It may be several weeks before I get around to shooting it but it's always good to have pieces ready to go. Last week one of the longest shots of the film (325 frames) was animated in a marathon session. I am very pleased with the final shot and am relieved to have it completed. I have also started shooting with the Isaac puppet. Just as with Leith, there have been some false starts and several reshoots while I get used to the puppet. I am also working at finding his character. My initial thought was to use sharp and aggressive movements when he was in motion but be totally static when at rest. This was not all together successful. Whenever he came to a total stop he looked exactly like what he was, a 10 inch puppet on a miniature set. So I have modified my approach and added subtle movements when he is at rest. This has proven to be much more appealing and I am encouraged with how he is progressing.

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