Sunday 24 November 2013


Bringing Leith to life one frame at a time.
Animation has begun on Broken. I did run into several unexpected delays including a light that refused to turn on (I still can't find a reason why) a change of heart with respect to the colour temperature of the scene and a camera cable that was too short to reach my computer. Adjusting the colour temperature was easy but swapping out the light and moving my entire computer set up was a little more time consuming.
The Dragonframe software interface.
In the end I did begin and chose a very simple 70 frame dialogue shot of Leith that took just under 2 hours to complete. It felt a little strange to be back behind the table after a 4 year absence but after a few missteps I began to find my way. I actually found the whole process relaxing, a feeling I hope will last as the months of animating go by.

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