Sunday 1 December 2013


The paint job for Clarke is tested under set lighting.
There are still adjustments to be made.
When tackling a project like Broken there's always something to do and then there's something else to do. Trying to stay focused can be a challenge. Several new shots have been completed this past week and I can already see an improvement in the performance. As each shot is cut into the film's timeline there is often an urge to perhaps revisit a previous shot. New shots always seem better than older shots, making this urge hard to resist. I made a deal with myself not to reshoot anything I've signed off on until I have completed at least 25 shots. At that point I believe my perspective will be a little clearer and I will avoid unnecessary animating. I then promptly broke that promise by reshooting something. Is the shot any better? I think so but I imagine that in the body of the film either shot would have probably been effective. Work has also progressed on the painting of the final Clarke puppet. I hope to have him completed in the next few days and then move on to The Dead Thing. I'm starting to feel the rhythm of this production.

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