Saturday 1 February 2014


Back in November I made the bold prediction that I could finish
Building an oversized gauge for a one second close up.
animation on the first set in about 2 months so now seems like a good time to look at where I am in the making of BROKEN. As noted in that November 10 posting, there are 45 shots scheduled for this set. As of today, 28 shots have been completed and even though that may account for 1 minute 45 seconds of screen time, it's somewhat shy of my intended goal. I have always had a hard time predicting how much time I will need to shoot my own material. In every other work environment, I have had great success with hitting hard deadlines but when it comes to my own films,

I have a tendency to take as long as I need to make things as good as I can regardless of the time it takes. I don't consider myself a perfections by any means but I'm not inclined to settle for pretty good when it comes to my own projects. With 7 minutes, 30 seconds still to shoot and 3 sets yet to build, I would not be surprised if I am still animating a year from now. And while that may seem like a long time to dedicate to a 9 minute film, I have no problem with the investment.

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